OFP WW4mod

Operation Flashpoint Forever!

Yeah, Operation Flashpoint will never die! Join and play WW4mod OFP with us on our public multiplayer server. 


 WW4 on [LOL] CoW server


no password 

TEAMSPEAK server: 

password is: lol 


Our special addonpack based on WW4mod v2.5 and [LOL]clan's addons. WW4mod is one of best modification ever in OFP history by Sanctuary mixed with huge addonpack of [LOL]clan.

Here you can found the official thread on BI Forum about this great mod.


More informations about our addons in ADDONS section.


MORE INFO on [LOL] clan's homepage: www.nakedsquid.com 



NEW IP! Check your OFPwatch and correct it! 



WW4mod uploaded to [LOL] clans public MP server. Feel free to join. Same addons needed.

Forum here is closed from today, u can ask questions and make converiosns on [LOL] clans website:


Thank u for play with us on test server! 

You can found here informations about WW4 missions on [LOL] server in future. 

Introduction with WW4mod


Help wanted!


Join us as member and help to make a server unique with your new missions or feel free to convert yout old favourites.

Conversion is relative easy with Chris' OFP Script Editor.

Conversion "step by step" howto in EDITING section COMING SOON.


 Original soviet unit:

  Fast conversion examples to different classes with OFP Script Editor:


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